Bridging Communication Gaps in a Transforming, Time-Challenged World 


My Book
The Power of Pause

 If you want ways to:

  • Take back your time - in a nonstop world
  • Make better decisions - no matter what shows up on your plate
  • Lead, manage and inspire people during uncertain 'hot button' changing times

It's time to put the Power of Pause tools in motion

"In our 24/7 world we are overwhelmed with choices, rushing to decide and to act. Nance Guilmartin's interesting and lively book teaches us to pause, reflect calmly, assess the real options and then launch our solutions. She's right. It works. "

John Mendelsohn, M.D., President, University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

I wrote this book because:

We don't' have time to waste clearing up the "missed understandings" that can happen - to ANYONE - at a moment's notice.

We need ways to help one another work better together at work, at home and in our neighborhoods.

We can use a mental GPS system - The 3-step Power of Pause process - to locate a new attitude to keep us from jumping to the wrong conclusion (and down someone's throat) driven by thinking we're right and someone else is wrong.

Nance Guilmartin

"The Power of Pause is a great tool for us in these changing times. It helps us avoid the problems that ‘continuous partial attention’ and multi-tasking create and shows us how to think things through and achieve what’s important."

Spencer Johnson, M.D., Author #1 New York Times Bestseller Who Moved My Cheese? co-Author, The One Minute Manager.


"By using the Power of Pause I’ve become a better teacher, a better mom and a better friend. I’m more relaxed in stressful situations because I’m confident that I will respond thoughtfully and effectively."

Susan Darrow, Director of Educational Services, Music Together


Nance Guilmartin's Fox News Interview

Fox Morning News interviewed Nance about the power of a pause in tough times. "Dealing w/ Co-Workers"

AORN Journal, May 2010
Book Review By Susan J. Gerdes, RN, BSN, CNOR (Staff Nurse)

"The Power of Pause"

"For health care workers, managers, or anyone else seeking to reduce the stress of misunderstandings and miscommunications, this book will be a valuable tool." ...... Read More

Give the Gift of Time:

Discover how to make most of the time you have
- with less stress - at work and at home & help others be their best, too!

"I have used the book's toolkit of 12 Power of Pause practices
 to get control of my 24/7 world
. Suzane Rothwell, Esq.

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The Power of Pause: How to Be More Effective in a 24/7 World

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"I plan to give a copy to my clients' senior managers as Christmas and New Year's gifts. The principles that Nance Guilmartin teaches are imperative for unlocking performance potential in today's demanding economy and beyond."

Logan Loomis, business advisor to mid-market companies and former CEO


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