Bridging Communication Gaps in a Transforming, Time-Challenged World 



Nance Guilmartin's Interview on Fox News

Fox Morning News recently interviewed Nance about the power of a pause in tough times.

"Dealing w/ Co-Workers"



Preventing "DRIVE BY EMAILS"
An article by Nance Guilmartin about e-mail rage and five ways on how to avoid it.


AORN Journal, May 2010

Book Review By Susan J. Gerdes, RN, BSN, CNOR (Staff Nurse)


"The Power of Pause"


"For health care workers, managers, or anyone else seeking to reduce the stress of misunderstandings and miscommunications, this book will be a valuable tool." ........... Read More




T+D Magazine - March 2010T+D Magazine Article, March 2010

By Nance Guilmartin


 "Giving One Pause


Learn how cultivating humility can drive success, even in the most time-, budget-, and attention-stressed workplaces. What if learning to be a successful leader in today's ...... Read More Article, April 9, 2010

By Nance Guilmartin


 "Unlock Your Internal Meetings Potential”


GOT MEETINGS? GET ATTENTION!    One of the biggest complaints I hear today in workplaces around the country is we spend too much time in meetings that waste our time. Whether you are a senior player or the newest employee, it’s not uncommon to feel that you’re at a meeting ...... Read More



The Power of Pause on Let's Talk Live! Channel 8 News, Washington, DC  with Natasha Barrett 

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Jim BlasingameThe Small Business Advocate       Syndicated Radio Program Interview

With Jim Blasingame


The simple pause is a valuable utility infielder in business


The simple pause is a valuable utility infielder in small business, according to Nance Guilmartin, as she talks with Jim Blasingame about how the pause can be used ...... More



Lashing Out


Investor's Business Daily, Managing for Success

By Morey Stettner


Learn to Criticize Employees Without Lashing Out”


"You try to dish out criticism gently. But employees seem to chafe whenever you point out their failings.


It gets worse if you criticize them with others present. You not only risk embarrassing employees ......." Read More



Jim BlasingameThe Small Business Advocate       Syndicated Radio Program Interview

With Jim Blasingame


Facing our new normal leadership perspectives”


Facing the new normal of our economy and marketplace requires a new leadership and service perspective. Nance Guilmartin talks to Jim Blasingame about pause ......



Gannett News Service, “On the Job,”

By Anita Bruzzese, nationally syndicated columnist



Take a Pause to Boost Job Satisfaction, Impact”.


"As you check your e-mail, return phone calls, gather materials for a meeting in five minutes and try to ignore the fact you haven't had time to eat lunch, the last thing you may find time for in your busy work day ......." Read More


See also 45 Things Blog By Anita Bruzzese


The Customer Communicator- national newsletter supporting service professionals provided an in-depth look at how to apply the Power of Pause® practices with today’s time pressed, often stressed customers. Download PDF



Podcast Interview

Something You Should Know           Syndicated Radio Program Interview

With Mike Carruthers


The Problem of Misunderstanding”


An audio interview with Nance Guilmartin, author of the book The Power of Pause: How to be More Effective in a Demanding, 24/7 World, by Mike Carruthers.  More



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