Bridging Communication Gaps in a Transforming, Time-Challenged World 



"Lead, Learn, Laugh"

Do you want a keynote speaker or Emcee who will invite (or dare) audiences to?

Guilmartin Speaking to Happy Audience

The microphone is passed around as Nance engages the audience to participate.

  • Lead? "Why not try something different?"
  • Learn? "I'd never thought of it that way before."
  • Laugh? "It's a great way to get (and remember) the message."

Does your audience want a speaker who can get to the point and make a difference?

Audiences have understandably short attention spans - they want their time sitting in that chair to count for something that matters to them, to their company, or to their family. That's why Nance uses her radio and television experience to entertain and to challenge people to go beyond what they know.

Nance offers interactive experiences that get audiences:

  • Talking to each other in ways that bring a conference alive
  • Learning in on-the-spot role plays and demonstrations
  • Motivated to apply what they've heard when they walk out the door.


"The lasting impression Nance 
made on our group was 
reinstated by the fact that she was asked back - twice!" 

Rudi Ansbacher, MD, MS
Professor Emeritus Obstetrics and Gynecology  Past President of Society for Humanism in Medicine

"Your session, How to Be Heard in a Just Do It World, was a valuable contribution and a great way to end our conferences.  We appreciate all the time you spent and research you did to understand the audience and the types of issues they face in their daily work.  Your due diligence paid off handsomely for the audience!  We look forward to working with you again in the future."

Julie S. Hammond
CFA Institute, Planning and Professional Development Division



Keynote experiences can be customized to meet an organization's needs.  Themes include, but of course are not limited to:
Communicating Effectively:
The Power of Pause Approach
In a time-challenged world of multi-tasking, how do we learn to understand the real problem (or opportunity) that lies beneath the surface of what someone said? How do we shift gears to learn what's on their plate, let alone ours? Underwater analogies demonstrate the difference between communication radar and communication sonar. 

RESULT: Participants learn how to have more productive, meaningful relationships at work or at home.

"I found the role-playing exercise very educational. Nance Guilmartin has a wonderful presence and is a great educator!"

"Refreshingly novel presentation."

"Excellent insight into listening!"


Be Heard: Stop the Communication Ping-Pong Game!

Is what you heard what they said and is what they said what they (really) meant? Learn an approach that enables you to make the most of the time you have with someone even if it feels to you or to them that it's not enough time. Explore the nearly lost art of listening. 

RESULT: Participants leave with skills they can use immediately - whether with the CEO, an employee, a patient, a colleague, a relative, or a customer.

"From the audience of fifty nursing scholars to the double-ballroom that housed all the employees (400) in Baptist Outpatient Services, your message and delivery, both captivated and educated." 

"Our office received numerous calls following the program from our guests and from those who heard about the event after the fact. Your presentation sent a sign that Gibraltar cares about more than just handling our clients' wealth, we care about their well-being."  

Healing Conversations:
It's Never Too Late
Learning how to ask for or offer the comfort that's needed.especially when words fail. 

RESULT:  Audience gets to practice skills applied to their real world situations - especially for conversations that we most often avoid or where we're at a loss for words - with friends, family, and colleagues.

Relationship Management:
How Not to Strip the Gears
How do you get relationships - with customers, staff, colleagues, or family - into 5th gear without stripping the gears? How can you compete successfully in a world where none of us has enough time? Race car analogies get audiences out of their seats. 

RESULT: Audience learns how to drive relationship building conversations.

Breakthrough Thinking in Action:
Taking the First Step
How to launch a breakthrough in your company, career, or your life while you are at this conference and when you return to work or home. Draws upon lessons learned in launching breakthrough ideas such as America's Designated Driver program. 

RESULT: Participants get a practical and motivational experience that maximizes the results from the event.

Each of these themes can be expanded
into a workshop or retreat

Testimonial Letter for Emceeing national conference

"I'm especially appreciative of your role in hosting and moderating our National PE4life Summit we hosted in Washington DC in 2004. You were terrific in enhancing the work of our speakers, tying the various elements of the event together and activating the participants to take action. You have a wonderful ability to listen and understand points of view from multiple audiences."

Brenda VanLengen -
VP Operations, PE4LIFE Kids Summit, Washington, DC




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Keynotes and Workshops can be offered in a format that qualifies for Continuing Education Credits.  Several workshops and keynotes have already been approved for CEU credits by the AMA and other professional organizations seeking to educate their members in communication, listening, and conflict resolution skills.

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