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"Power of Pause®" Retreats

Retreats are an opportunity to take time out, revitalize, and advance a group's ability to succeed.

For over 20 years, Nance has designed and delivered inspirational, strategic and educational retreats that foster a group's ability to trust, be creative, break new ground, and enjoy time together in ways that strengthen relationships. 

Length varies from one day to several days depending upon the objectives, budget, location, and group size. Clients include businesses, foundations, boards, nonprofits, universities, men/women's groups and families.


Post-Retreat Results? 

Participants find that they:

 - Immediately apply insights

 - Have a stronger team or esprit de corps.

 - Raise their Communication IQ and have fewer snafus

 - Identify and resolve differences by having courageous conversations

 - Overcome personal and professional roadblocks, often based on the past or misunderstandings.

 - Gain valuable insights - through laughter, recreation, sticking their neck out by speaking up, or trying something new together - that restore their spirits and enable them to more quickly and thoughtfully achieve individual and group goals  

Retreat Topics include, but aren't limited to:

  •   Advanced communication and group dynamics skills

  •   Changing an organization's direction or strategy

  •   Regrouping after a change in leadership, ownership or addition of new members

  •   Partnership and family-owned company issues

  •   Leadership and reinventing life or organization at mid-life and beyond

  •  Power of Pause approach to leadership, teamwork, problem solving and life


Having participated in nine retreats with Ms. Guilmartin during these two years, she has never disappointed and we have always gotten valuable results. I heartily and without reservation recommend her.
Mark Rosenberg
President, Florida International University

"Nance has facilitated retreats for us involving board members, physicians, scientists, and other key leaders. She helped us crystallize the agendas and 'real' objectives of the meetings, and served as a catalyst for collaborative decision making." MORE
W. Jarrard Goodwin, MD, FACS
Former Director, University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

"You took nine CEO's, all from different walks of life, on a journey that gave us a powerful appreciation for what makes each of us unique. We left our retreat amazed at how much we had learned about ourselves and the ways we can unconsciously shut down or open up others in our personal and professional lives."
Gary Saunders - Forum Moderator, Young Presidents' Organization (YPO)

NEW: Special Program: 
"Outside the Box"  

Experiential Learning-Ropes Course and Outward Bound type exercises... indoors!

Nance has teamed up with a veteran educator who works with her clients at retreats to provide customized team challenges. 

The exercises quickly provide kinesthetic and  'outside the box' ways for groups and individuals to reinvent their approach to communication, leadership and teamwork.

Entertaining and thought- provoking.  Low risk and can be done indoors or outdoors.

FACILITATED MEETINGS:  Decision-making Breakthroughs

There are times when clients ask Nance to facilitate one-day Board meetings, special topic meetings or problem solving retreats. Rather than providing traditional retreat experiences to teach new skills or generate teamwork, these meetings help an organization that has a single point focus and is often on a deadline driven mission. Or, they help a group of senior executives get past roadblocks and make key decisions.  

Sometimes clients just want a facilitator who has a background, such as Nance has, in working with sensitive and often politically charged topics among high-level participants.


"I approached the first retreat confident that Nance would add value.   She exceeded my expectations as evidenced by the fact that within six weeks,  I utilized her at two additional retreats."  
David Hampson -  
CEO, Willis Corroon Corporation

"Nance helped us, on the one hand, to make some broad organizational decisions while at the same time teaching us how to listen to each other and to work more productively
together. The retreat was a remarkable demonstration of the power of her own listening skills and she served as an extremely effective model and mentor for all of us."

David Rose -
Executive Director, CAST, Center for Applied Special Technology


"Thank you for not only attending to our group needs, but also your efforts to get to know us as individuals.  You really helped to move us forward. I hope [we] have future opportunities to spend time with you."     

Individual participant in recent retreat  

Power of Pause

What's the Approach?  Applied Learning

No matter what the venue, an interactive, applied learning...

approach is used.  

Workshops, speeches, and consulting enable participants to take home new practices for immediate use with customers, peers, employees, and investors.

Courageous Conversations: One day advanced session teaches individuals or teams a practical but powerful process for preparing for and having important conversations dealing with: intractable problems, pricing, personnel, promotions, profits, strategy, conflicts, projects, and customers. MORE
Problem Solving and Effective Communication: One day session challenges employees of any level in an organization to learn communication power tools to clarify expectations, respond thoughtfully under heated circumstances, get curious instead of reactive, and learn to identify the hidden problem or solution beneath what's initially presented at the surface. MORE
Healing Conversations:  This 1-2 hour session teaches professionals and the general public the art of offering, asking for and receiving comfort during life's inevitably awkward or difficult moments. MORE

"Just one day after your Courageous Conversations workshop, we used the techniques you taught us to uncover the "real" problem with a key client. Our account is back on solid ground and we look forward to working with you in the future."

Jens Bang -
President and Chief Operating Officer, Cone, Inc.


"Your workshop on Team Building and Customer Relations Skills was the best coaching session our trainers have ever attended.  What impressed me the most was how you incorporated our pre-seminar discussions regarding the division's goals for 2002 and the areas that were holding the team back. Now we're moving forward!"

David Anderson -
Former Director Environmental Health and Safety Consulting and Regulatory Training Services, Clean Harbors, Inc.

Customized workshops can be created based on the needs of your organization.
Please Email for more information



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